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Alkaline Green Drink

One of the great things that some dieters include in their program is consumption of a more alkalizing diet. These particularly are vegetable greens. They are alkaline by nature because they help reduce too much acidity of the body. When our body is too acidic, we are usually prone to many health problems. We should always be on the neutral scale.
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When we are stressed, when we are too badly emotional, tired, exhausted and eat unhealthy, we tend to be more acidic, we tend to be more prone to various health challenges including overweight and obesity. Added to that, as we age, our metabolism slows down.
Taking an effort of consuming a more alkalizing diet such as vegetable greens will help prevent those health challenges we may encounter in the midst of a toxic life. Benefits increase when we consume them in liquids because the body can absorb them easily and we get more nutrients then.  
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There are two ways that we can do in consuming an alkaline green drink. One is by juicing vegetable greens and leaving its pulp, therefore you consume more nutrients than eating them as a salad. The other one is blending them with coconut water instead of pure water. 
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Coconut has its natural sweetness; it adds life to the taste of a vegetable green juice. Taking this once a day as a snack replacement is such a healthier approach to losing weight.
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Below is a sample recipe of an alkaline green drink, you can create your own depending on the availability of the organic greens. 

          Blended Alkaline Green Drink
             1-2 pcs cucumber
             3-4 stalks celery
             about 100 grams lettuce
             about 20 grams vegetable sprouts 
             about 1/4 slice of green apple
             optional:  1/2 slice of pineapple 
             coconut water

Here's to your green juice day!

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