Wednesday, October 27, 2010

JuJu Cleanse

Considering a juice diet? Recently there's a couple who came up with such a great idea of helping people achieve their goal of staying healthy through healthy juices. Health advocates who find it hard to spare more time to prepare fresh juices could find this new juice diet regimen very rewarding.  This is now popularly known (in the Philippines) as Juju Cleanse.  "JuJu" stands for "just juice".

Just Juice Cleanse, which means that through taking fresh juices, you also get the benefits of cleansing aside from its health nourishing effect on the body.
Juices come in 6 bottles of different pure fresh juices placed in a trendy-environmentally friendly bag. You can choose to have juices on a Level 1, or Level 2 or 3. As a starter, you are always recommended to do the Level 1 juice diet, and you may stay there for another day. This is being discussed with you through email or phone. That means that you are guided all through-out the cleansing process! The good thing about this juju cleanse is that it is sustainable when it comes to starting or continuing a cleansing program. It's more than like taking a vegetarian multivitamin pill, because it also gives you the feeling a satiety. Imagine yourself taking a bottle of pure fresh fruit and vegetable juice for your meal and snacks instead of taking those pills...super nourished and! What a great meal!
With the guidance of the maker of juju cleanse... you'll never get lost finding your way to a healthier body and a lighter, healthier lifestyle.

Here's to your "juju" day!

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