Monday, September 6, 2010

Biguerlai , slimming tea?

In an effort to slim down, some would resort to slimming teas. Think more than twice. There are some laxatives that most sexy wannabes are using with the thought that it is a slimming tea. One of these is the Biguerlai tea, available over the counter in the Philippines. It's an herbal laxative Senna (Cassia Augustifolia Vahl), which is used to address constipation in a natural approach instead of using the traditional conventional medications. Laxative increases the release of water from our own system and goes together with the waste materials that needs to be evacuated. This creates a feeling of abdominal discomfort such as gassy abdomen, rumbling feeling in the gut, and an urge of immediate bowel movement, resulting to transient diarrhea. It doesn't block the absorption of fats, especially bad fats which dieters are dreaming of, but will only hasten the release of waste matter and water from the gut. Therefore frequent use could make someone dehydrated. Be careful in deciding to use slimming teas. However, herbal laxative teas are good alternative laxatives instead of being dependent of synthetic ones.
Here's to your easy moves!


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