Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cleansing fast

Choosing foods that allows the body to cleanse helps to speed up the process of losing weight. Aside from the physical elimination of toxins, it also carries with them some emotional releases, or unburdening of the emotional baggage which contributes to a person's appetite and therefore becomes a hindrance to the goal of losing weight.
A cleansing fast is a way of resting the body from consuming foods that have preservatives, food additives, artificial flavorings, and foods that are difficult to digest. During this period, what is advisable is to eat whole foods; these are foods that are in its natural state and as much as possible, organic and fresh. This activity can be, as a start, just plainly having easy to digest foods such as fruits and vegetables, avoiding meat temporarily and choosing healthier choices of foods such as brown/red rice over white rice. Avoidance of white sugar and white bread is important. To meat lovers, this is already such a big step. You may stay on this stage for about two weeks and observe for yourself how you feel. Increase level of activity, such as having a regular exercise even just walking exercise compared to none. Keeping yourself hydrated by taking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily plays a big role in a cleansing fast.
By doing this, a mild process of detoxification is already achieved.

Detoxify and live high!

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