Saturday, July 30, 2011

Foot Steam Spa

There are cases when your body doesn't need to move much and you still would be able to lose weight.  Such an example is this foot steaming Spa.
at Bio-Safe Center
This is one of the new age technology that promotes a better immune system that at the same time will promote weight loss.

This is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine and uses an herbal solution while your having the foot steam.
While doing the process, some reflex points are being activated. Therefore more benefits are gained in this herbal foot steaming such as : detoxification through sweating, prevents premature aging, helps improve sleep and better blood circulation.
One of the first ones who promote this kind of therapy is the Bio-Safe Center. Click here for more info about them, and don't miss to join their online contest on facebook to avail of many free health services.
Here's to your healthy chi!

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