Thursday, July 29, 2010

How Detox Can Make You Lose Weight

There are many ways to lose weight. One of them is going on in a special diet. Some people would go for a cleansing program. This one has the primary goal of helping one's body in the detoxification. It is already a normal process of our body to eliminate excessive toxins--these are substances that have been created in response to the body's metabolic processes. Our own mechanical system digests, absorbs and eliminate the excess substances that could be harmonious to our health. Imagine your trash bins full of your 2 to 4-day garbage or a one-week garbage if not being thrown away on a daily basis. It ruts, stinks and can even ruin your day. This is what's happening to our system if toxins are not eliminated regularly, and our amazing body has its way to do it! We just have to ensure our elimination channels are not clogged up. What are these elimination channels? Here they are, not in order of importance for they are all important.
1. Skin - This is a large organ of elimination. From head to toe! Sweating is one of those ways to enhance detox through the skin.
2. Large Intestine- This is considered to be the human body's wastebasket. How do you feel when you're beside a full, foul-smelling trash bag that hasn't been emptied for the past 7 days? That’s how stingy our waste system could be if we don’t have our regular toilet habits.
3. Kidneys- these functions to filter and release waste fluids from our body. We normally have a more concentrated light yellow urine in the morning on our first void. However, if that highly colored urine will keep happening all throughout the day, it's time to have yourself checked , or ask yourself if you are drinking enough water.
4. Liver- Whatever we eat or drink is being processed by this magnificent organ. It is like an authoritative powerful security guard on the bank, screening everyone and everything that goes inside. It's toxic, that powerful guard has to do something about it to protect the system. Therefore, love your liver because it loves you that much.
5. Lymphatic system- There are many organs involve in this area of elimination, such as the tonsils, the appendix, the spleen, among others. It's like a battalion squad doing elimination and protection for the body's healthy immune system.

There's so much to say about each of those detox channels. You can see now how our body spectacularly does its job of throwing toxins out through all this route of elimination. Doing a cleansing diet primarily helps our system to detoxify and weight loss is such a great, healthy secondary grain.

Here's to your weight loss success!

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