Monday, December 27, 2010

Weight Loss Holidays

    In this season of food feast, reunions, parties and holiday vacations, it is but tempting to indulge in any kind of foods especially in those nutritionally-devoid but deliciously-prepared meals. What usually matters is the bonding moments created in the space of excitement and delight  while having the fun and spirit of the season. However, on top of these, you should still need to be mindful  largely on your health . Know the nutritional  values of healthier food choices and spare yourself sometime to be a little bit healthier.
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    Fresh raw living foods has been known for its great benefits to health. There are many nutritional experts that have written books , have talked about and  spread the good news about raw food.  During the holiday season where gaining weight is usually the unlikely reward, you have the option to treat yourself healthily without spoiling the massive food fun on the occasion.
    Here's a list of the value you can get from eating raw fresh plant foods:
  1. It has enzymes that gives more life to the plant. Enzymes are catalyst that speeds up the chemical reaction. We normally have enzymes and it helps in all body metabolic  processes. Eating foods rich in enzymes helps to boost our immune system
  2. It has very low calories makes it ideal for those who are on a diet
  3. It contains high fiber thus makes you feel full longer thus lessen the cravings for more foods
  4. It helps to detoxify. Because of its high fiber content, it promotes better elimination.
  5. It contains more nutrients than cooked foods. Cooking foods destroys the enzymes and lessen the nutritional value of foods.
  6. You'll find more valuable nutrition in raw plant foods especially in green leafy vegetables such as chlorophyll, and the mineral magnesium. These contributes largely in promoting  good health. 
  7. You really have a choice to be healthier.
    Here's to your healthy holiday feast!
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