Sunday, August 22, 2010

Psyllium and Fiber Supplements

If we want to lose weight, one of the substances in the foods that we should be always looking for is "fiber". This substance has the power or ability to increase the process of weight loss. Other benefits of fiber are its ability to lower blood sugar and cholesterol, therefore helps in reducing the risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes.
How does fiber aids in weight loss? It acts like a friendly sponge in our kitchen absorbing the fats and toxins that we have had accumulated as a result of unhealthy diet. It also acts like a broom as it sweeps away the hardened toxins that were left inside the so-called human wastebasket. Since fiber creates a bulk, it gives also the feeling of satiety, allowing someone to feel full for some more time.
There are many high fiber supplements available; however, it is still best to consume a natural fiber such as psyllium fiber and those that are found in fruits such as apple, watermelon, and grapefruit.

Have a high fiber day!

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